My name is Jacob Proffer

I am a web developer from Michigan / Senior Front-End Developer at Elegant Seagulls / Accessibility / Love Kombucha / Learning Japanese / Traveling / Trail Running

Personal Projects

Outside of the office, I build sites that are based on my hobbies. I often utilize web development to collate data that can provide quick and precise insights into personal collections, such as how many movies I've seen in a particular theater or what game I'm currently playing on Steam.

Let's Get Outside

From the climbing up and down the Mount Marquette loop to dashing down Benson, I love to run the Noque trails in my free time. Technical trails can be a solace in times of discomfort or anger. The rocks and roots deserve attention, thereby pushing negativity aside for the duration of the run.

  • A person running.
  • Mount Marquette Blue Loop trail.
  • Carp River trail.
  • Landscape view of the south Noque trails.
  • Obstructed view of Marquette Mountain.